Cheats for Boom Beach

Finding cheats for Boom Beach Android or iOS version is not easy at all! Especially, if you are looking for a cheat to get to unlimited or free diamonds, it gets close to impossible. That’s why we decided to create some of the best tips, tricks and cheats for this game “Boom Beach”. Getting free diamonds will be a piece of cake with our custom made cheat codes.

cheats for boom beach

Here is what you will get with our Cheats for Boom Beach:

  • How to use a hack tool for getting free diamonds.
  • Ways to improve your game play.
  • How you can generate Unlimited supply of diamonds.
  • How you can beat every enemy or opponent in this action packed game.

and a lot more….


It is made by the Super Cell who are also the developers of the famous clash of clans game. It is based on the same theme but totally different environment, characters and game play. Players start off with a mission to free the land from enemies control. The maps expands to hundreds of islands in the sea, all under control of the evil lord. Players must breach the strong hold and claim all the Islands.

In order to successfully finish the game, players need a lot of weapons, resources and man powers. All this leads to the need of having a lot of diamonds. Now this is where most of the players start looking for Cheats for Boom Beach game. If you have already searched for it, you will notice that there is little to no information on how you can sucessfully hack this game. On our site, you can easily download our free cheat tool that generates free diamonds.


This is what you will get from our site:

  1. Hack tool [can generate up to 10 million diamonds in 1 day!]
  2. A guide on how you can improve your game play
  3. Some secret strategies for the Boom Beach.




Download our “Cheats for Boom Beach” package right now:



The way it differs from the clash of clans is: It is more intense, action-packed and most importantly, it is fresh. It is getting new updates from the developers on a daily basis which makes it totally worth to be on your mobile phone. The guns featured in this game are very heavy and deadly. You can literally rain the death on the enemies all day long with the special weapons. You can also learn our secret tricks for unlocking weapons in the game.

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