Do’s in Boom Beach!

Do’s in Boom Beach!

There’s no disadvantages for racing your headquarters. There’s no punishment whatsoever. Your improvement will be maximized by racing headquarters and you’ll be able to always update defense and offense.

Conceal the statues
Then your foes can not tell what fosters you’ve if you conceal the statues, this can create disadvantages for adversaries and significant advantages. Attempt concealing it behind perhaps buildings or trees.

Concentrate on violation more than shield
Offense takes a huge play in this match, you should concentrate on violation more than shield. Should youn’t go for offense updates a lot you might find yourself in trouble lots of times confronting such high level players. Concentrate for violation more because it will allow you to conquer Dr. Terror and Hammerman and fight foes that are tougher!

Constantly shield headquarters
This can be INCREDIBLY important. Shielding headquarters is essential. You’re going to have a bad time should youn’t then! You can find reasons why. Matchmaking is determined by how frequently you attack, so do not worry about that. Anticipate the medal system to be SUBSTANTIALLY different than prize system additionally if a clasher are you subsequently. No loot IS protected by your storages, it only increases your loot capacity!

Place headquarters nearly to the ending constantly
Your foes can only just place troops in a little place, the sand region. Your Foes can not attack in ANY other areas, only there, so should headquarters is placed by you to the very end (away from spawn region) then you’re creating a challenge for your enemies. Don’t forget to shield it with shields significantly. Defenses will be won by you that way.

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